Springtime, for Girley, and…not just yet

18 Jan

Just yesterday, only 24 hours ago, the weather behaved as if it had vengeance on its mind. Snow everywhere, ice to follow, rain to top it all off. Today? It looks like spring! Lest I speak too soon and too gleefully, however, it is not spring. It’s a mirage. It’s cold. (I love how the weathermen and women think 40 degrees is warm. And, yes, 40 degrees is better than 29 degrees. But it ain’t warm). It’s winter. But with the sun shining and the clearing away of the white/icy stuff, it kind of results in that Spring Feeling.

That Spring Feeling (noun and adjective, probably; I’m rusty and no one cares): 1) the heady, dizzying anticipation of the season to come after winter finally fades away. 2) the constant envisioning of powder blue skies and warm breezes that delight the senses. 3) seeing oneself in variety of snazzy outfits, engaging in oodles of creative writing, and walking/driving around with a scarf tied around one’s head, a la Roman Holiday.

That old Feeling manifested itself for a bit this afternoon as I took in the sunlight and the melting snow. Admittedly, it was exciting. It was almost moving. Nevertheless, before I allowed myself to be utterly consumed by that sweet, wondrous feeling (sometimes accompanied by the scent of actual lilacs), I reminded myself that, yes, snow is returning. Tomorrow.

That Spring Feeling: 0, Reality and Winter: 1,000.

In other news, I’ve become slightly incensed by the “witty” banter on most radio shows. It’s never funny. It’s never funny!

In other, other news, the weekend looms before me. Let’s hope that I remain in writer-mode and, um, modest with the eating.

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