The Song Remains the Same

25 Jan


What is it about music that makes me so happy and contented? Or am I just a sucker for rich melodies and amazing lyrics? Whatever the case may be, music has been a mainstay in my life since I can remember. The absolute and deep love of it came right from my parents, who never held back from expressing how they felt about a good song or how that particular song made them feel. I can see my father now, describing the wonder of hearing the country group Alabama do a duet with Lionel Richie, and how that sound just thrilled him. Or how hearing Aretha Franklin’s version of “Bridge over Troubled Water” led him to play the record repeatedly until it wore itself out. There’s the memory of my mother professing her love for a tune from The Phantom of the Opera; how she refused to hide her love for disco and the songs from that time. I took all of that in–undoubtedly, that musical aspect of my upbringing is a big part of my life.
At work, while writing, at play, the rare taking of a walk–music is always with me. Undeniably, it’s a powerful, at times emotional, connection. Yes, yes, how I love it so.
This is the current song I’m listening to: It’s a cover of a Carole King song by Rod Stewart. For those few eyes that visit this JournaBlog, it’s worth listening to, if only for the simple and spare beauty of the lyrics.
In other news, I was thankfully able to feed the addicition yesterday and purchase a new purse. Sigh. So shiny and new. It’s lovely. Granted, the old bag was being held together by rubber bands and paper clips. It was high time for a replacement.
And the beat goes on…

4 Responses to “The Song Remains the Same”

  1. Lynn January 25, 2008 at 11:10 pm #

    Ohhhh I love that song! And I really like his rendition of it.I feel the same way you do about music. Life would be a really boring place without it. And you really showed that there are a lot of good memories that come from music and how much it becomes part of a person’s life.I love musicals, and I know some people that hate them use the reason: “Who breaks out in song and dance like that?? That doesn’t happen in real life!” Initially, I agreed with them. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized: “I do! I break out in song like that! People sing when they’re happy!” Okay, well maybe not everybody, but I know when I’m happy I usually end up singing some sort of song. It makes you feel good! You’ve gotta let it out somehow!It’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeFor meAnd I’m feelin’……. good:-)

  2. GirleyGirl January 27, 2008 at 4:12 am #

    Ha – I love those lyrics! And that’s another example of an awesome, powerful song; Buble’s rendition makes it even more cool.And I second the motion about musicals. I LOVE THEM. Because, yes, we all break out in song like that. I dare anyone to say otherwise.


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