Counting Crows with Springsteen while Dancing in the Dark.

12 Aug

I love the Counting Crows. I love, love, love Springsteen. Today was definitely the day for those guys; I’ve listened to the Crows for most of the morning, and will hang out with Bruce for most of the afternoon. There’s something about both artists. Adam Duritz writes lyrics that can be esoteric, but then he puts a few words together that go straight to the old ticker. Amazing. I’m not coming undone…

And then Springsteen. He makes me want to be a welder. To work on a boat. To haul machines for a living. To…I don’t know, cover myself in grease and look toward the horizon and long for a change to the boredom and inertia of my blue-collar world. Does that make sense? For me, his songs typically call to mind people who ache for personal change. However, for some strange reason (things are usually strange in Girley’s head) these same people work, um, blue collar jobs. Maybe it’s because of “Dancing in the Dark.” I just imagine a guy–a trucker, works at the docks, whatever–so sick of his small town and his routine, so eager to get his girl and get out of the town. This gun’s for hire, even if we’re just dancing in the dark. Holy cow. Gives me the sweet chills. It must also be said that I interpret songs exactly for what they are…and then I throw in the entire kitchen sink. Good times, though.

Adele is coming to my town. And I’m GOING TO SEE HER. Adele will have me arrested, because I will be acting quite the public fool. Way too excited. Adele!

It feels like autumn. In August. The weather needs anti-depressants. Seriously. Almost mid-August and I get the dreamy-eyed look of a Girl aching to wear her fall boots? It’s totally insane. Feels great, though.

Today’s quote: “Books are the most quiet and patient teachers.” Who comes up with this awesome stuff?


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