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You Probably Think this Song is About You.

22 Oct

And it is.

I’m on the precipice of entering a new decade. Can you believe it? An entirely new decade. It’s a bit unreal. When I was a kid, my father bought me a dictionary. Best thing ever. I spent days and days reading the thing, looking up words and reveling in their origin…it was a pretty giddy time (I sincerely believe that, perhaps indirectly, the parents nurtured my journey and love of writing. I’m very thankful, even though the work has been few and far between these days). Anyway, I remember seeing the word decade. “Deca means 10,” I said to myself. “I’m 10. I’m a decade! I’m a decade years old!” I ran up to anyone that would listen, of course, excitedly informing them that I was a decade. It was such a fun, good feeling, mostly because it made me feel older and, I don’t know, important, even though I was a just a kid.

Well, a new decade looms. I look forward to it.

In other news, the high for today will be in the mid-50s. Sweet autumn. I’m wearing boots today. Woo hoo!

Time for the ipod. More later, I think.


14 Oct

It’s 100 degrees today. No, seriously, it’s fall, right? But it’ll be 85 degrees in my area today. 85. 85.

I’m restless.

I’m annoyed (what’s new?)

I got to take a nice walk this morning. Got the old ticker going, so that’s a plus.

I want new shoes.

My hair is a mess. It’s unruly and it’s insane. It may have a mind of its own. I’m cutting it off.


Seriously, every Monday should be Manic.

13 Oct

I just thoroughly dislike Mondays. I do. There’s nothing redeeming about Mondays. Everything is weird and your neck hurts (because you slept on rollers, but whatever) and you’re disoriented and you miss the weekend and…Mondays are disdainful. We need Mondays, yes; everything needs a beginning, but must the beginning be so blah and blecch? Sheesh. Of course, I’m only adding to the negativity of this day by being so negative, so I’m leavin’ it alone. I love you, Tuesday.

On a brighter note, I saw the loveliest, little movie this past weekend. Entitled Bella, it was just spare and simple and so moving. I enjoyed it immensely. It even inspired me (far and few between these days), got me excited, made me want to sit down and write something. It was excellent.

Why is the world filled with nuisances? Why do nuisances come in the form of human beings and not mosquitoes, which is how it should be? I ask because I am currently annoyed by a nuisance here at the office, and I cannot stand it. (Gender removed purposely).

100. 100. 100. 100.

9 Oct

Looks like we made it. 100 posts. This was the impossible dream, my quixotic journey, and here we are. 100 thoughts/silly words/opinions/bullets. I’d like to thank Steven Spielberg and my mother.

It’s Thurstinkday. Woo hoo!

More later, of course.


8 Oct

The middle of the week is so oppressive (and I’m so melodramatic). But it is, isn’t it? It’s the carrot to my rabbit and I happen to be both inches and miles away. I kind of enjoy that feeling; knowing that the end of the week is a-comin’, but I detest the other feeling, which the is knowledge and understanding that it’s not here quite yet. The bottom line is that I just enjoy the weekends. Time to engage in life, activity, friends. Perhaps my dream of international living needs to come sooner rather than later. Vacationing is such an event for the Europeans. I’d like to believe that I would thrive under such circumstances.

A cool, crisp breeze permeates the atmosphere here in Somewheres, VA. It’s autumnal and it’s delightful. The thin-blooded complain about it being “cold,” but I adore it. I’m even wearing stockings voluntarily, and with pleasure! I kind of missed those horrible things (nothing against the male gender, but I sincerely believe that some guy invented them) during the summertime. But, now, it’s nice to pull them on and pray that they don’t run or roll down to my ankles in public. Welcome back, Fall. We missed you.


7 Oct

Time for my rants. Here come the bullets.

  • Heroes. I was initially intrigued about a television show dealing with superheroes, having been a rabid Superman girl since my mom bought us the comic books when we were kids (thanks, Mom). So, I decided to see what the hype was about. A number of long, drawn out, head-scratching eps later, I was done. Sorry. Where were the heroes? There were lots of close-ups where people looked to the sky before the commercial break, sure. But actual heroes? Didn’t see any. Won’t be going back to that one.
  • Cloris Leachman. Before the rant, I have to say that I LOVE Cloris Leachman. I heart her, I lurve her, the whole shebang. When Cloris replaced Mrs. Garret on “The Facts of Life,” I was like wha? WHERE’S MRS. GARRETT? But, in the end, me and Beverly Anne Stickle were pals for life. So, when I heard that Ms. Cloris would be competing on “Dancing with the Stars” I was thrilled. Who cares about her age? All of that said, Cloris must go. Now. She must be removed from the show. Now. America, we get it. You love toying with us. Quit it. Seriously. She can’t dance.
  • Revivals. By this, I mean shows like “90210” and “Knight Rider.” Enough. Let the past remain the past. Please. Of course, I refuse to watch these revivals, but it would be nice to know that they’re not taking up programming space.
  • The dentist. I have to go in for a procedure today, so this is my way of complaining.

That’s all, folks. On a happy note, autumn is here, and it feels great. I need boots.

Absolutely Amazing

7 Oct

I’ve mentioned this guy Ray before and how incredible he is…and I’m mentioning it again. I could listen to this thing all day. I think I have been, actually.



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