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En Vacances

16 Dec

Oh, how I use and love the two words I learned after 6 years of French classes. Le woo hoo. Anyway, en vacances means on vacation, which has nothing to do with my present circumstances. It is a wish. I would love to be somewhere else right now; somewhere Caribbean, warm, lovely.

Interestingly enough, I never longed for the Caribbino in the past. I was (still am, mostly) a European girl; longing for France and Italy and Spain. It’s only of late, maybe within the past year or two, when I realized that I wanted to see white sands. Yes. And to look into an ocean with a clear bottom, likely a nice deterrent to my lifelong fear of water. And parrots and flattering swimsuits and on and on. We’ll see–I hope to satisfy this new wish sometime next year, which is next month, which is slightly disconcerting (time? fast.). Again, we’ll see. The work day is ending.

Au revoir.


16 Dec

i will accept your
rainy days, your cloudy
view, your dark mornings.
they are yours to give me,
and so i will take.
just remember that my
acceptance means
your acceptance.
i am not your choice to make.
i am your gift.
accept me, and accept me
as i am.
we give, we get.
after all, with your
clouds and rain and darkness,
there must be sun.
that is also mine to give.
don’t turn away.
there is light and there is me.

The Day is Long, and the Day is New.

15 Dec

Well, this may not mean anything to anyone other than yours truly, but things have changed.

Gone is the original title for this little JournaBlog. “So I Don’t Forget” was apt at the time; it was my intent to start writing and to keep writing when I ventured onto this thing (see first post ever), to remember this first and enduring love that I had for words. “So I Don’t Forget” has served me well. There are gaps here and there, but I’m writing. That deserves a woo hoo.

A few posts ago, I discussed the wonder of Kitten Heels. Cuteness and comfort in a tiny shoe–ah, the very wonder of it all. Wonder is an amazing thing, isn’t it? That feeling you get when something is cool and exciting and slightly mystifying all at the same time?

(Believe me, the idea that I’ve lived decades without realizing that Kitten Heels were made for Girleys with feet like mine, the kind with minds of their own, is beyond mystifying. I thought I was pretty well-informed about these types of things).

Welcome to Kitten Heel Marvel. The very wonder of it all. Life, interests, poetry and prose. In other words, same content, different title.


Life, Exciting and New…Come Aboard…

12 Dec

I got carried away. Notice that “life” replaced “love,” because life is certainly the theme of the day/week/forever, isn’t it? It changes and moves and it’s pretty interesting right now for ole Girley. What’s new, someone asks?

Well, I’m still out of a job. Right now, I’m a temp extraordinaire, shuttling about this city, going on assignments and such. Permanence is good, it’s what I want, so I hope it happens. Not much else to say on that matter.

My hair is still short and I still loves it.

I started a ‘lil story. Yeah. It’s an old idea, a novel idea (both pun and literally), so we’ll see how it goes. I’m aiming to stick with it this time.

No good movies lately. I’m on the “Benjamin Button” train, though, despite my growing belief that Pitt may be a jerk. For real. Did I just type that? I did. He seems kind of jerky! I had the misfortune of seeing a bit of his Oprah interview recently and I was like, wha? What’s wrong with this guy? He hardly looked at her; seemed irritated; seemed smarmy. I mean, yeah, I try to remain on the whole Oprah is kind of annoying team, but the rudeness seemed, well, rude. But the movie looks terrif.

Over and out for now.



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