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So Little Time…

6 Feb

Yeah, right.

I’ve had all the time in the world, actually, *having been* unemployed and wandering around like a lost Girley. No excuses. I haven’t been writing at all, creatively or JournaBlog-ely. I’ve thought about it, which means nothing. Just being lazy, which might be the best and most destructive thing about being a “writer.” Ok, no quotes. I’m a writer. I think. Baby steps.

(*having been is appropriate, being that I’m now employed! Woo hoo! I start the new position next week. Needless to say, it’s been a long, frustrating road, but optimism and faith aren’t dead. Updates will come on the new position when they present themselves, which I’m sure they will.)

Anywho, unemployment has its lessons:

  • TLC Discovery is the worst. It’s addictive.
  • Sleeping in for adults means waking up at 9am. There’s no such thing when you’re not 11.
  • The horrible economy makes it worse. I was jobless before, some years ago, and I took my time, temped, didn’t stress/pull out the hair. This time? Yikes. Unemployment benefits, watching the mail, pulling out said hair.
  • Faith is strong. It’s based on past experiences, so it’s pretty potent. It keeps one going. It’s necessary.
  • My resume started to sicken me. If I saw “multi-task” one more time…
  • Great friends, great family, make stressful times so bearable.

Sigh. Here comes the soapbox about a few bold names. I want to avoid it, but I simply can’t.

  • Michael Phelps wasn’t on the clear, as I believed (come on, after Marion Jones, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Olympiads). He wasn’t doping. He swam with near perfection. So, when it was all over, he gets photographed engaging in drug activity! What! What! The worst. Ugh. Not happy about that.
  • No, I’m not a fan of Jessica Simpson. But to mock and villify her based on her image is rotten. She’s a human being. And she’s not fat. And if she were fat, it wouldn’t matter. My goodness.
  • Brad Pitt was nominated for an Oscar for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”! I know! (Ahem, we were formerly on the outs, based on his oddly rude behavior while seated on Oprah’s couch, but the Academy Award nom changes everything. The truth: I can be swayed by the presence of Oscar).
  • But do we live in a world where Anne Hathaway, of all people, is nominated, too? Really? I don’t see it.

I finished a new novels by Mary Higgins Clark, which were pretty cool. They’re predictable and a little on the corny, schlocky side, but they’re clean and mostly entertaining. So I’m sticking.

That’s all for now. Onwards, weekend.



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