That Ole Magnetic Pull…

19 Jan

I have longed for international living for most of my adult life. (See past posts on my lovely, fully furnished dream apartments in Paris, London, etc.) The longing can be dizzying when it’s super high, and can be very quiet when I’m focused on other things, like how to avoid cheeseburgers (seriously, this love/hate relationship with them is sliding into love again, and this is so not good. More on that later). But it’s always there, the longing, whether loud or muted. And right now?

It’s super loud.


I’m considering the mechanics of it all. Of what? Of moving and living overseas for six months. Seriously. Seriously! At this point, I’m thinking of London or somwhere in England, simply because life in France would consist of me saying, “quoi?” (“What?”) and “Pardonne?” over and over again, which would invariably cause a lot of irritated, French headaches. Anyway, because I have a tendency to sometimes fly off the handle and do things without thinking it through (impulse buying is one thing, impulse moving to another country is another), I need to hunker down and think things through. So…

Pros (here come the bullets, how I’ve missed you so):

  • I’m young (contrary to some of the 22 year-old kids in my life, who think 30-something is “old.” I pinch them in retaliation). I have no ties (other than a very close-knit family), I have nothing truly stopping me from doing this.
  • It’s time for a change. I have lived most of my entire life in the same place/area. Change is peeking around the corner, making googly eyes at me, winking, trying to get me to dance. I would REALLY like to accept the invitation.
  • Life overseas is not life in these United States, but things like bills and other financial responsibilities can be handled online.
  • I can do this!
  • My spiritual and personal life would blossom, being that I would use both to the full.
  • I have to do this. I have to do this!

Cons (long sigh):

  • I love my mom. And my sister. And my brothers. And we need each other for a number of reasons, some of which are financial, most of which are all about love and acutely missing them while I’m gone.
  • Speaking of financial–the whole work issue. Said bills need to be paid while I’m overseas, which means there needs to be an income…and I have a feeling that my employer won’t keep paying me when I’m not working. (There’s no option for Leave With Pay, as far as I know. Except in my dreams.) I would most definitely try and secure a job while overseas, but it’s only for six months, so…
  • I need to save money. This is a con simply because I was born without the ability to do such a thing. Ideally, I should save money and start a little 6-month international living fund, which would make it easier to take care of what I need while I’m overseas. But, again? I’m allergic to pineapple, aspirin, and saving money. So I suppose a PRO could be that wanting to see this endeavor through will force me to be disciplined and make better money decisions. Ok…

So…6 pros (well, really 7, based on that last bullet) and 3 cons doesn’t mean the decision made. Nevertheless, plenty of food for thought.

I just…I have to do this! The longing is so loud right now, and I don’t want to turn it off.


3 Responses to “That Ole Magnetic Pull…”

  1. Linda February 16, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    Okay, as a relative of Girley, who needed a change of scenery and took it: It’s okay to miss your family. You miss them sharply at first and then not so bad. As a young person, I learned sooooo much about myself in the first 30 days of being away that I reveal in those revelations to this day. I say do it. You can always find a job wherever you go….I promise…there s a reason your Pro list is much longer. hint hint…

    • lonelypassport February 16, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

      Food for thought, Linds…food for thought. Do you think Ma can mail herself to me during the weekends? Or send me some rice and stew? Along with herself?


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    […] Los Angeles.” So…yeah. Curious, being that my initial desire, before the desire to move to Europe manifested itself, was to head to the West Coast and settle down there. I was actually looking for […]

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