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Names Withheld

15 Jan

There’s this store. I won’t give its name. Despite the fact that maybe two pairs of eyes read this semi-daily journablog, I’d rather not be served.

(“Are you Ms. So and So?” “Yeah. Who wants to know?” “The court. Consider yourself served.” “Like Omarion?” “No, like you’re going to court. And there’s no dancing.”)

Anyway, in an effort to protect my freedoms, this particular store will remain nameless, although my description is quite thinly-veiled, bordering on painfully obvious.

It’s a gigantic store. There’s one in every town, even towns that only have train stations and the post office. There’s probably one on the moon, for all we know. The prices are affordable, the yellow smiley faces plenty. But it’s not a nice place. No. It’s a chaotic, crazy mess.

1) Where are the employees?
2) Why are there two registers open on the weekend before a major holiday?
3) And on said weekend before a major holiday, I’m one of the few shoppers without a cart full of nearly 300 items. I have 4 things. Why do I have to wait? Why can’t I go into the express lane? Because it’s closed and/or chock-full of people with 300 items.
4) Why do “managers” tell untruths? You still sell that item. I know you do. Why would you tell me that you don’t and then quickly disappear? I used to work in retail. I understand your pain. But I’m not asking for much. Just tell me where to GO.
5) Why is there a McDonald’s inside of this store? It’s already a nightmare. Why add cheeseburgers and Ronald McDonald? Is this some kind of torture?

I was so incensed at my last visit to this store, so infuriated, that I left my purchases on top of a DVD bin and stormed out. I almost screamed! Why? All of the above. All of the above happened to me in ONE visit. I can understand #s 1 and 2 on a normal basis. Sure. But all of them? It was unbearable. I told myself that I will never again walk its messy, cereal-decorated floors. Never. Unfortunately, because of convenience and the daily emptying of my poor, albeit cute, wallet, I am repeatedly forced to visit this place and take advantage of its prices. It’s just a travesty and a shame.

But they keep pulling me back in!



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