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It’s a Possibility! It’s a POSSIBILITY!

18 Jan

I know, I know, take it down a notch, find a sedative.

But my excitement lies in the following: some time ago, I discussed wanting this little cute creature in my life, complete with said awesome name and many miniature T-shirts. I also discussed that my schedule and other issues (read: my mother pushing me down a flight of stairs if I had the audacity to bring one into her house), however, precluded me from having him.

Well, alert the media. The Mother wants a dog.

Yes, you read that right. She with the HGTV dreams and model home wishes, who has long refused to be the one stuck with walking a dog at dawn and *potentially cleaning up after him, very much wants me to buy us a puppy. (To be specific, she wants me to purchase a dog for myself, and one for her. After kindly assuring her that two dogs would never happen, we have agreed on one.)

But yay! We’re getting a dog!

I don’t know when. A few months from now, but soon. I’m currently doing research on the right dog for us; making sure that it’s hypoallergenic (my ‘Lil Bro is allergic to everything but the sun and the moon); that it can be trained and will adapt to our environs; that sort of thing. Initially, we spoke about a Yorkie (click on that link above and awwww at that deathly cuteness), and a Yorkshire Terrier was on the potential dog owner quiz that I took…but I’ve changed my mind to another breed that was on the list…

The new **Atticus S. Finch! Don’t you want to just squeeze that face? It’s a Shih Tzu, and I’m really liking the research I’ve done about the breed so far. Plus, my friend’s mom has one and my brief time hanging out with her was pretty great. (Until I had to crate her and nearly wept at that pitiful, imprisoned face. Which means that my puppy will take over my life.) More research to come, and then hopefully soon, we’ll have a new arrival at Chez Girley’s Mother’s House!

FOR READERS: Any advice from dog owners out there?

* I’m coming to terms with the whole-cleaning-up-after-the-dog thing. I am. Slowly. That hard gulp you heard was me, by the way.

**His full name: Atticus Scout Finch [My Last Name], III. Doesn’t the III make it seem like he would belong to someone with a yacht? I love it.

Atticus Finch and Other Impossibilities

15 Sep

I want a dog.

Look at that T-shirt! I’m about to collapse from the cuteness.

As you can see. The problem with this particular desire is that 1) I moved back in with Mama a few years ago. There is no way said Mama would agree to a dog. If I were to rebel and get one anyway, I have visions of mickeys being slipped into my iced tea and being shipped to some faraway country while I soundly sleep as punishment (this is how you punish offspring over 30). And 2) who would take care of little Atticus Finch? (That being my little future Yorkie’s name, of course, in homage to my favorite literary character and just an all-around cool name). Anyway, yes, who would actually take care of him? I leave in the morning; come home at night; party like it’s 1999 on the weekends (not really, but I’m usually running all over town on the weekends); so on and so forth. Where would be the time to give Atti the care and concern and attention he needs? This is why Atticus Finch will remain in my subconcious and imagination until I figure something out…

One day…



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