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To All the Stories I’ve Loved Before…

10 Sep

I have a jump drive, disk drives, notebooks, etc., etc., full of stories that I’ve started, that I’ve really gotten into, that even intrigue me, the writer who cannot be pleased–and they continue to sit there, unfinished, suspended in mid-air.

This frequently happens in my life. I get excited about something and I throw my name into the hat and I get into it…for about a month. Then I get a little itchy for change. Well, no, really itchy for change. And so, when I realized this about myself, I decided to become much more devoted to things that I invite into my life. Stick with it, Girley! So far, I’ll give myself a C for progress.

Nevertheless, these unfinished stories aren’t half bad…perhaps, instead of bemoaning a lack of ideas (not so much lately, actually; I happen to be bursting at the seams creatively, thank goodness), I work on what I have? It’s an idea.

In other news, I begin a water aerobics class on Sunday. In line with all the above, regardless of likely sharing the water with ladies who will remind me of the Golden Girls, I will stick!

In other, other news, San Diego was awesome. Terrific, beautiful, quiet, relaxing. It was everything that I wanted it to be there and more. The only hitch was, when I travel again, I will shell out money for hotel luxury. The Comfort Inn did its duty and it was a room, but in such a beautiful city, the choice could have been better. And the fact that I could hear people traipsing up and down the hallway, having conversations in the parking lot, and gingerly passing by a chicken bone on my way to my car pretty much solidified my decision to go forth with hotel luxury. No more two stars for convenience. Hello, Doubletree and the likes of you.

While in SD, I began a book called “Juliet” by Anne Fortier. It was an interesting, intriguing (second use of this word, so I obviously and officially enjoy using it) read. It was about a young woman learning that she had descended from Shakespeare’s Juliet, thereby implying that Juliet was a real person. Excellent plot, needless to say. Pretty good. So I’m on the hunt for the next, new book…

Me, sitting adjacent to the mighty Pacific in SD, reading the book referenced above.


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