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Day Twenty Six.

26 Apr

Moon Haiku
(Lament No More)

my miserable
moon, when will you realize
that he may own the
sky, but you control the tides?
he burns; you consume.

Day Twenty Four.

24 Apr

Payless Shoes

Do you have these shackles in my size?
Yes, I am going to a special event, thank you for asking.
And I really do prefer to be encumbered by shiny
insecurities, self-doubt, and plenty of personal psychological

Ma’am? Make sure they will be tight around my feet?
Really tight; and a little sparkly,
too, for the man that will come in my life.
A woman with sparkly shackles on her own feet?
Please—it’s romance heaven.

Hon? I will need accessories, too.
I’ll take a few specific chains for my wrists:
self-hatred, sabotage, venom directed to those
of my own gender (because you know we can’t be
trusted), and unnecessary blame, because, well,
you can’t go to this particular event without a scapegoat.


No bag for me, dear.
I intend to walk out of here with these things on,
and I certainly intend on turning heads.
But can you please help me to my destination?
I can’t walk.

It’s just in that corner over there, yes,
in that windowless room.
It’s a beautiful, dark corner, isn’t it? I made it myself.
Yes, just close that door and be sure to lock it.


Life begins!

Day Twelve.

12 Apr

Adverb Timeline
(Symphony: Infatuation)

Initially, “ooh.”
Eventually, “wow.”
Slowly, “my.”
Gradually, “huh?”
Suddenly, “no.”
Occasionally, “please.”
Frequently, “NO.”
Finally, “ok.”

Sadly, “again.”

Day Eleven.

11 Apr

In the Corner of the Center of your World

so I revolve around your world, do I?
the gravitational pull within your cosmos?
believe what you want,
but I fear the truth is shinier than the
stars above your supposedly impassioned head.
there I am,
in the corner of the center of your world,
relegated to afterthought, vague memory, the fabric of a lingering dream.
I starve for your attention while you fool me with galaxies.
well, just simply leave me at the corner of the center of your world,
in my tiny niche, my nook, my cranny,
and let me enjoy the real stars.

This Town Don’t Exist…?

6 Aug

It can’t be that hard creating a fictional town, is it? Why am I stressing over a place that doesn’t exist? I am simply placing it on the map and pretending it’s there. Why am I pulling my hair out over a fake location?

Needless to say–I am in the middle of building my novel. Creating the background, the places, the people, the story. It’s fun and crazed all at the same time. Woo hoo!

(The importance of research became quite clear when I took a Fiction Writing workshop during the college days. I wrote a story about a wronged wife who hires a hitman to, you know, get rid of the husband. Total anger issues back then, but onwards. So the first draft was slammed by my fellow writers. Questions abounded–how did she find the hitman? Where did he come from? What are the divorce laws in state they lived in, since I had an entire courtroom/divorce proceedings scene? On and on and on…long story short, my professor suggested that I incorporate research into my routine as a writer. I’ve been googling ever since).

Seriously, why am I stressing over this town?!

Absolutely Amazing

7 Oct

I’ve mentioned this guy Ray before and how incredible he is…and I’m mentioning it again. I could listen to this thing all day. I think I have been, actually.

This is How I Reverse my Car!

8 Feb

All right. This is, arguably, one of the funniest scenes in a movie. I share it with the few that drift over to my little JournaBlog. Enjoy.

Reflections of the Way I…Used to Be?

21 Jan

So I recently renewed my driver’s license online. It was painless, quick and easy (unlike the last time, when I was inexplicably forced to take a faulty test and almost manifested my rage at the guy taking my picture. One should never desire to kick someone in the knee, not ever), and I was slated to receive the new license about five days later.

I received the license this past Friday. A few things:

  1. I looked like a pig. An actual pig. AN ACTUAL PIG.
  2. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the photo from the license I had just renewed, which I assumed it would be. It was some other weird looking photo, where my posture was terrible and I had this strange, almost smug smirk on my face. Smug? I never look smug! (Well, I don’t try to).
  3. It appeared as if my picture had been age-progressed. Seriously. Rather than feature what I currently look like, the picture seemed to guess what I’ll look like 5 years from now, when the license expires.

My younger brother seemed to get a kick out of #3. “You’ve been age-progressed! Ha ha!” That particular revenge will be sweet. Anyway…

I placed the license in my wallet with a resolute sigh, pleased that, at least, a trip to the horrid DMV had been avoided. These days, even thinking about kicking someone may land me in some jail somewhere. Times have changed.

The weekend was interesting. Packed with activity and pretty fast. Wasn’t it just last Friday?



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