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The Walk’s the Thing!

4 Aug

It’s early August (summer lasted about three minutes), yes, but I’m looking forward to October. I signed up for a 5K! I know! Me!

It’s always been something I wanted to try, so now I’m trying it. Lest someone attempts to picture me running through trails and bounding across creeks like a Nike commercial, I’m doing a 5K walk. Walking is good and fun and is not running, which suits me just fine. I have nothing against running or runners, but here are some reasons why I stay away from it like a plate of brussel sprouts (here come the bullets; how I’ve missed my bullets!):

  • My poor, old knees. Seriously, I have the knees of all four of the Golden Girls. I heart Bea Arthur, by the way.
  • It hurts.
  • I’m a Girl, and, well, there are things that I currently own that don’t like that kind of sustained movement. This is intentionally vague, but quite clear to me and likely the one pair of eyes that reads this thing.
  • It really hurts! I mean, I can walk from here to Timbuktu without much of a wince or a complaint (well, ok, no, but I’m pretty good at the walking thing, with the right pair of shoes). But running? No.
  • (Side note: I could work up to it. Make it a personal goal? To enjoy running?)
  • (Nah, never  mind).

Anywho, October, woo hoo.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop waiting for whatever it was I was waiting for and hunker down and write my novel. What was I waiting for, really? Time, likely. Time to stop and grant me its attention, forcing the other necessities in my life to wait until the novel was written and finished. Yeah. Since that didn’t and won’t happen, I need to get on the ball. This novel, the idea, has been resting in my mind for years. Ironically, all the waiting I was doing? The title of my book is…Waiting.

Onwards! No more excuses!

(I’m a walking paradox–I haven’t had a concrete idea for a short story, yet this novel idea sits inside this head, cushioned, nice and comfortable. It likes air conditioning, too, just like yours truly).



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