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My Foot is Bleeding! Really, Really Bad!

7 Jan

The office setting is an interesting, mind-boggling place. Today, I’ve realized that there happens to be a particular type of Creature that inhabits most office spaces, certainly the kind of Creature that boggles this mind. This Creature is prone to making loud, attention-grabbing outbursts in the middle of the mostly quiet day, comments that are solely designed to entrap the shocked listener into replying and therefore, engaging in a lengthy, endless conversation.

These aren’t your simple, everyday remarks. It’s quite normal for someone to say hello, or greet you, or ask if you’ve gotten a haircut. It’s another thing for someone to stand up and proclaim, at the top of their lungs, that they’ve forgotten to go to the bathroom. And what does the listener do? Turn around, of course. Because when someone yells such a thing (or things related to dropping office supplies onto limbs or having a complete argument with their spouse), you can’t help but turn and glance. And that glance, that one glance, becomes the invitation for the Creature to assail you with topics ranging from trips to the urologist to the fact that their child hates to wear pants to school.

In an effort to stay sane, I do not glance. I do not flinch. I simply keep at my work, silently letting the Creature know that I will not bend. Until the next afternoon, when, this time, the stapler bypasses their fingers and lands on a few toes. Let the madness begin.

Oh, and this Creature? Totally watches you eat!



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